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JSON::XS module

Faster way to serialize a Perl hash

As anyone who reads my blog knows we've been profiling a large amount of Perl code recently. A daemon process receives jobs to run and in most cases (a few are run immediately) places them on a queue in the database. For a queued job we are really interested in the turnaround time i.e., the time from seeing an incoming request, decoding it (it is in JSON), checking it, inserting the request into the database and returning a unique job ID; obviously this determines how quickly we can queue jobs.

Problems with Perl JSON::XS, incremental parsing and unicode strings

Todays unicode problems are with JSON::XS. We are using JSON extensively in the project I am working on and we have a lot of unicode strings. JSON::XS really is the best and fastest perl JSON parser (I've tried them all) and Marc Lehmann who wrote JSON::XS is very knowledgeable and usually quick to respond to any query.

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