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DBD::ODBC module

DBD::ODBC 1.31 release

I have just uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.31 to pause. This is the culmination of 7 development releases and I thought it was time to do an official release. Due to personal issues I am unlikely to be doing another update to DBD::ODBC in the near future but if you find issues please report them on RT and I'll try my best. The changes since 1.29 are below. There are significant changes since the last official release and a few changes in behaviour. If you didn't test a development release and it now goes wrong I'm sorry but after 7 development releases you had your chance.

DBD::ODBC 1.30_6 is released - please test

I've just released DBD::ODBC 1.30_6 to CPAN. This is the culmination of 3 months of changes through 1.30_1 to 1.30_6 and also contains a few changes in behaviour (you are warned). It is unlikely that I will get much chance to do anything with DBD::ODBC for the next few months so I really need feedback before this becomes 1.31. Here is a list of changes since 1.29:
  1. Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.30_6 June 4, 2011
    • [BUG FIXES]

Building DBD::ODBC against unixODBC on 64 bit platforms

A word of warning. The build process for DBD::ODBC against unixODBC on 64 bit platforms may not produce a workable solution perhaps even segfaulting. The short reason is that few Linux distributions/packages of unixODBC are up to date and few distribute unixODBC's odbc_config which DBD::ODBC needs to ascertain the compiler defines required to build a DBI driver which matches unixODBC. The long answer which which includes a workaround follows.

Some background:

New 1.30_1 development release of DBD::ODBC

I've just uploaded DBD::ODBC 1.30_1 to CPAN.

If you use Windows or a Unicode build of DBD::ODBC on non-Windows platforms you should really test this release as it contains a change in behaviour for Unicode. This release also contains a small but perhaps significant change to the silent rolling back of a transactions when disconnect was called when AutoCommit was disabled. The complete changes since 1.29 are below. Again, many thanks to all the people RTing issues and providing feedback/testing.

New 1.29 full release of DBD::ODBC

Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.29 March 8, 2011

An official release of the 1.28 development releases.


  • The 1.28 development releases made a change which causes a generic error to be reported when an ODBC call fails but an error message is not retrieved from the ODBC Driver. It appears this has caught out a few ODBC drivers - notably freeTDS and Firebird. You now may see errors that were missed before e.g., DBIx::Class's tests for Firebird now errors test 21 "outer txn rolled back" (and others) because SQLRowCount returns an error after "ROLLBACK TO SAVEPOINT savepoint_0"; before this error was missed.

Imminent release of DBD::ODBC 1.29

I'm about to release DBD::ODBC 1.29 after 4 development releases. Unfortunately, (as is often the case) I've found a bug just after the last development release related to batching of SQL statements and odbc_more_results. I'm fairly confident in it but if you use DBD::ODBC I'd love you to test it before I release it as it may be a while before I can release a new version.

You can find it here

Support for DBD::ODBC in DBIx::ProcedureCall

I came across someone asking about DBIx::ProcedureCall today on Perl Monks in Execute Oracle Stored procedure using DBIx::ProcedureCall. Years ago I remember finding DBIx::ProcedureCall when we were about to embark on writing an application that used stored procedures in DB2, Oracle and MySQL. DBIx::ProcedureCall did not support DB2 and MySQL then and I was not that happy about the way it creates symbols in Perl for database procedures/functions so I dismissed it and I wrote my own code. When I saw it again on Perl Monks I thought I'd take another look at it and was surprised the supported DBDs has not increased (it is still Oracle and Postgres).

DBD::ODBC 1.27 release

I've just released DBD::ODBC 1.27. Version 1.27 combines all the 1.26 development releases and is a significant release as DBD::ODBC is now entirely ODBC 3.0 and requires an ODBC Driver Manager for any ODBC 2.0 drivers. Many thanks to everyone who has contributed. The changes are listed below. =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.27 December 29, 2010 Official release of the 1.26 development releases. =head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.26_4 December 14, 2010

Development release of DBD::ODBC 1.26_1 - please test

I've recently uploaded a new experimental (and development) release of DBD::ODBC 1.26_1 to CPAN. This contains over 200 block code changes so it is a VERY significant change and should not be used on production servers until you have tested it. This release adds little in the way of functionality (and a few bug fixes) but is a major push to get DBD::ODBC truely ODBC 3.0 compliant and as such it will REQUIRE an ODBC driver manager to translate ODBC 3.0 calls to ODBC 2.0 if you are unlucky enough to have an ODBC 2.0 driver. I include the changes below but a few notes in addition:
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