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The Perl DBI module

Unicode support in Perl DBI - DBD differences

NOTE: This is very much a document in progress so please bare that in mind when reading it - I will be updating it.

There is an ongoing discussion on the dbi-dev mailing list about unicode support in DBI. I've been trying to collect information on DBD support for Unicode in the hope it will help show whether there are inconsistencies in DBDs and whether the Perl DBI could help defining Unicode support. Originally, I thought about doing a talk at the London Perl Workshop but I've been rather preoccupied with personal issues and didn't think I'd even make the LPW until early last week. What follows is a very cut down version of a large document I started writing to catalogue Unicode support in DBDs. I've not done some DBDs yet - notably DB2 (because I no longer have it, although castaway on #dbix-class ran some code for me) and Postgres (because I know people are currently working on Unicode support in DBD::Pg). If you have a DBD I've not covered I'd love to hear from you and especially if you can take one of my examples and change it to work for your DBD.

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