Imminent release of DBD::ODBC 1.29

I'm about to release DBD::ODBC 1.29 after 4 development releases. Unfortunately, (as is often the case) I've found a bug just after the last development release related to batching of SQL statements and odbc_more_results. I'm fairly confident in it but if you use DBD::ODBC I'd love you to test it before I release it as it may be a while before I can release a new version.

You can find it here


More issues came in so reverted to 1.28_5

As so often happens whenever I announce a possible release a whole host of new issues come along. I've just uploaded 1.28_5 to CPAN. It contains the following changes since the proposed (above) 1.29: Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.28_5 March 6, 2011 [BUG FIXES]
  • rt_59621.t had wrong skip count
  • Fixed missing SQL_MAX_TABLE_NAME_LEN definition from test.
  • Fixed problem with some drivers which batch "insert;select" where SQLMoreResults is not required and an extra describe is done.
  • Fixed "select 1" in 02simple.t for Firebird ODBC Driver.
  • disconnect call added to 70execute_array.t was in the wrong place.
  • In non-unicode mode we bind strings as SQL_CHAR but the driver may have described them as SQL_WCHAR and we were not doing ChopBlanks processing in that case.
  • Now needs Test::Simple 0.90.
  • Added example
  • worked around a problem in freeTDS in the 20SqlServer.t test provided by Ralph Doncaster.
  • Changed test rt_62033.t to try and make it work with freeTDS - I failed. It now skips attempts to fetch when the insert fails.
  • Worked around problem in Firebird ODBC driver which reports timestamps have a display size of 24 characters but then can return 29 which could lead to data truncation errors. See
  • Worked around problem in Firebird ODBC driver which reports VARCHARs have a maximum length of 32765 but in fact it is 4000. See
  • Improvements in tracing to take account of DBI's neatsvpv lops 5 characters off maxsize on a string.