get_iplayer - download BBC iplayer content

Sometimes something comes along that truly impresses me. get_iplayer is one of those things. As a UK resident who uses iplayer three or four times a week and a Perl fan get_iplayer really caught my interest. The idea that you can list all of the BBCs iplayer content then download whatever you like to watch whenever you like really did interest me. First I tried downloading it from github but it failed to find updates. Then I noticed it was available as an Ubuntu package and installed it. After that a:
to list all content and
get_iplayer --get 235
to get a particular program. This is really cool and I'm sure I've not touched half of it yet - and it is written in Perl. And now for the asides. I pay more than £140 UKP per year. I don't have a choice in this - if I have a television or any other device that allows live viewing I need a license. I don't mind this but I do have a problem with content I pay for that may not be available to me. At this time the BBC are reducing their online content, getting rid of a few radio channels etc. At least with get_iplayer I can download the content I want to watch and watch it when I want (instead of only having it available for 7 days). ++to the author of get_iplayer Phil Lewis and current maintainer James Laver. NOTE: edited to correct author and maintainer comment as per James Laver's comment.


Just to clarify...

I'm not the author of get_iplayer, that's Phil Lewis at, I've just taken it over since he discontinued maintenance for ideological reasons. You should direct your gratitude towards him, he's built something that does a wonderful job. As for the code, however, it needs a lot of refactoring, and that's where you can help. It's on github for a reason, so get forking and let's show the BBC what open source can do!