Nikon Capture NX is dead, Nikon have stolen our property and left us high and dry

The thread on dpreview that started this off is at here. Basically, Nikon have got Silkypix to write a new editor (NXD) for Nikon and will stop supporting Capture NX. You can try the beta of NXD here. The beta feedback page is here and the official comments include things like:

  • We do not plan to include U Point or Control Point functions in this software
  • We do not plan to include a High Pass function in this software.
  • We do not plan to include a Gaussian Blur function in this software.
  • We do not plan to include a red-eye correction function in this software.
  • We are currently looking into support that will reflect adjustments, including those using Control Points, performed with Capture NX 2.
  • You can add your comments here

    In the Nikon FAQ for NXD it says "We will continue to update Capture NX 2 as needed to add support for new cameras until the official version of this software is released. At this time, the official version is scheduled for release in summer this year. We will no longer update Capture NX 2 after the official version of this software is released.

    I bought CNX years ago and have considerable investment in it (cost, time, learning and edits). I've read all the posts in this thread up to 2014-05-14 19:13 GMT and a number of things concern me.

    I like CNX and I don't much care for Adobe PS or LR although I understand a lot of people use Adobe software and like it (my own father does).

    The things that attracted me to CNX when I first bought it were:

    1. edits are saved in the nef file but separate (in addition to) from the raw image. I don't much like saving edits in a separate file and prefer them carried in a single file. It makes it a lot easier to move files around.
    2. price was not too silly.
    3. saving different versions of the edits e.g., a B&W one and a colour one in the same file.
    4. I can go back with later CNX releases and re-edit e.g., when they improved noise reduction.
    5. U-point technology and colour control points.
    6. batch processing (although this is tediously slow)
    7. healing brush.
    8. Nikon wrote it so it was bound to stay up to date with new cameras.
    9. Nikon wrote it so it was bound to stay up to date with lens corrections (if you use Nikon lenses)

    I'm sure there are other things. I write software for a living and I use a lot of Open Source software. I am generally very wary of proprietary file formats as they lock you in and when support is withdrawn you are stuffed (e.g., MS Money which I also use and deeply regret using now it is discontinued). However, owning a Nikon camera body I never thought Nikon's own software would be discontinued (at least without them offering conversion support or plugins for other software).

    Before I read this thread I never even considered the potential problems of editing an original nef file in CNX without taking a copy which is never touched so I never did this - sounds like this might be a big mistake.

    I'm not (as it seems some may be) deserting Nikon over this (I've too much investment in my kit) but they've lost my trust and they should not just assume everyone will stick with them due to cost of changing. Assuming they don't want to continue CNX development then at an absolute minimum they should be 1) providing some way for existing CNX users with potentially thousands of files to migrate to something else (which NXD does not seem to support - all edits are lost) 2) at an absolute minimum provide some way to automate converting CNX files with edits applied to 16 bit tiff files (I've tried automating this via various methods but none are that great so far) 3) provide plugins for other software which renders images as CNX does. The last point is in some ways the bit they've got totally wrong. For the sake of getting some income selling CNX they are closed source, when in reality they would have been better making the file format, lens corrections and image edits totally open which gives people the freedom to choose what they use. This is like DRM (Digital Rights Management) for cameras.

    I've tried NXD and it is ok (but lacking many of my points I use CNX for), but it is not CNX and I lose my edits. Even if exporting to tiff was available as an automated process I'd need a silly amount of disk space as 16bit tiff files are a lot larger than a normal nef file. Yes, I supposedly own CNX having purchased it and if I go through some hoops I can continue to use it so long as I don't buy a newer body/lens but this misses the point entirely - I HAVE HUGE investment in the pictures I've taken and they should be mine to do with as I like.

    Wake up Nikon and see what problems you are causing for all those stupid enough to buy and use CNX.

    Now, just in case you are feeling smug as you don't use CNX and use say Adobe PS or LR. What happens when Adobe decide to stop selling PS (oh, they've already done that) or LR and you're stuck with a ton of PS files or LR separate edits and no software that understands them! Well think about it. Unless you export those edited files as an open source file format (like tiff) you are stuffed.

    Nikon should be able to make a lot of money from their camera bodies and lens alone if they are good enough and not lock us in so they can destroy a lifetimes collection of photographs. I'm sickened by this and also very sad - digital content you've taken should belong to you and not Nikon!