Help testing DBD::ODBC with ODBC drivers

I really need your help to test DBD::ODBC. DBD::ODBC is one of the hardest DBDs to maintain because there at least 4 ODBC driver managers and literally dozens of ODBC drivers. Many of the available ODBC drivers and driver managers have bugs which DBD::ODBC tries to work around. It is impossible for me to test all combinations of ODBC driver managers and drivers every time I do a release so even if you do not install a full DBD::ODBC release or development release if you can run the test suite and send the results to me it is a great help. You can email any test results to me at Running the test suite is simple and you don't have to install DBD::ODBC. Simply go to DBD::ODBC on CPAN and download the latest full or development release then follow the instructions below:
  1. Unpack the DBD::ODBC tar file
  2. define and export DBI_DSN, DBI_USER and DBI_PASS as "dbi:ODBC:MYDSN", your database user and password respectively where MYDSN is your ODBC data source name. On UNIX you do this with the export command and on Windows with the set command.
  3. If you are on UNIX and not using unixODBC as a driver manager (why not!) then export ODBCHOME as the path to your driver manager files (usually /usr/local or /usr).
  4. Run perl Makefile.PL
  5. Run make (or nmake in Windows)
  6. Run make test (or nmake test in Windows)
  7. email the results to me.