How to fix printer head jam on Kodak Hero 5.1

This morning I had a printer head jam on my Kodak Hero 5.1 and despite searching on the net I could not find anyone with a solution except a youtube video for another Kodak printer.

Obviously, you follow this at your own risk.

When my printhead jammed I checked for any paper blockages in the paper access door - there were none. The printhead was stuck at the left edge under the cover so I could not access it and it would not move. To be honest, I've had a load of trouble with this printer and I'm thinking of getting another one so I thought I'd see if I could get into it and fix it first.

To get into the printer you'll find it easier to remove the scanner cover. Lift the cover and gently ease the lid out of the hinges - put to one side. Now lift the printer lid up and pull out the leg to hold it upright. On the left back of the lid is a plastic stop attached to the lid to stop you opening it too far. Gently squeeze on the left of it while lifting the lid upwards and the stop should come free. Be careful because on the right there are 2 ribbon cables and another wire connector. There is a small plastic cover on the right guarding the ribbon cables - I prised this off.

Now you have access to 2 screws either side of the printer and 3 along the back - remove them all. Now close the lid putting the stop back in and tip the printer on its back. There is one further screw here which I also undid but I don't think it was necessary. Under the paper tray you'll see 2 plastic tabs either side of the tray and you need to slide a screw driver behind them whilst gently lifting the lid. Once they are loose and holding the top of the printer to stop the tabs falling back into place put the printer upright again and you should be able to ease the top off. You may need another person to help holding it whilst you do the rest.

Remove ink cartridges and the print head. In my case once I'd done this I could see a little ink soaked tray with some gauze in it sat between the botton of the print head stopping it moving left and right. This is attached to a spring and in my case the ink build up seemed to have stopped the spring pulling it back into its resting position. I gently pushed in down and towards the front of the printer then I worked it back and forth a bit to getting it moving easily and so the spring was pulling it back.

Now reassemble.

For me this fixed this problem although I still keep getting a printer communication error quick regularly - which I did before.

It may just be me, but this is the 3rd or 4th printer I've had in about 6 years. None of them were cheap and they included an Epsom, a canon pixma, an HP and now this Kodak. All broke in various ways fairly quickly and the cost of repair out of warranty just means you think it is just as well to buy a new one. Also, on one, the pixma, the printhead broke and I could not find anywhere selling a new one. The build quality of these printers seems really poor and we all know the manufacturers are making most of their money from the ink. Why cannot the build quality be better?