Perl DBD::ODBC 1.44_2 released to the CPAN

After being forced to drop the subversion repository used by DBD::ODBC as has dropped subversion I moved it to github. Then, my friends working on DBI related modules setup up perl5-dbi and Merijn (Tux) helpfully moved DBD::ODBC under that umbrealla for me - thanks Tux.

Strangley this coincided with a few bug reports for DBD::ODBC and hence warranted a new development release. DBD::ODBC 1.44_2 contains the following changes but I draw your attention to table_info which was borked in some cases and I've tried to fix it keeping backwards compatibility (you are warned - check if you use table_info). If you used odbc_lob_read and it was working for you, you were lucky and probably fetching as chars - also see below.

  • Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.44_2 September 7 2013
    • [BUG FIXES]
      • When table_info was called with a '%' for any one of the catalog, schema or type arguments with the rest all '' (the empty string), only a list of catalogs, schemas or types should be returned. It was not doing that as it was changing empty strings to undef/NULL.
      • pod for odbc_lob_read had an example only saying lob_read.
      • TYPE attribute for odbc_lob_read was actually coded as Type. It is now as documented.
      • The example had the TYPE set to 999 from when I was testing it but it got checked in like this.
      • MANIFEST contained but the file was
      • Fixed RT 86379 - spelling mistakes in and FAQ - thanks to David Steinbrunner.
      • Added 82_table_info.t test.
      • Added 87_odbc_log_read.t test.
  • Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.44_1 June 6 2013
    • Moved from subversion to github as is closing down. Changed docs to show new repository.
    • [BUG FIXES]
      • Fixed RT 84450 - Database Handle Attribute Fetch broken. Thanks to Stephen Oberholtzer for finding and supplying patch.
      • Fixed problem with attributes on bind_col not being sticky. You'll probably only see this if you are using fetchall_arrayref with a slice and setting TYPE or attributes in bind_col first.