Perl DBD::ODBC 1.42_0 release

I've just released Perl DBD::ODBC 1.42_0 development release.

There is no reason to upgrade unless you are using the MS Access ODBC Driver.

=head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.42_0 November 28 2012


MS Access requires a longchar column to be bound using SQL_LONGVARCHAR.
However, MS Access does not support SQLDescribeParam and we default to
SQL_VARCHAR in this case. The point at which we switch to SQL_LONGVARCHAR
was defaulted to 4000 (for MS SQL Server). We now default to SQL_LONGVARCHAR
for MS Access when data is > 255. This means you can remove those
{TYPE => SQL_LONGVARCHAR} from your bind_param calls for longchar columns
in MS Access.

I seem to have introduced a bug in the test suite for MS Access.
The last test in the 09bind test binds dates as varchars (by
default) and this cannot work in MS Access (it needs to be a
timestamp). This test was skipped in the past and the skip got


Steffen Goeldner reported some issues with execute_array in
DBD::Oracle where if ArrayTupleStatus was not specified and an error
occurred DBD::Oracle did not do the right thing. As I used
DBD::Oracle as a base when I wrote execute_for_fetch in DBD::ODBC I
added tests to the test suite to ensure these issues did not exist

Minor change to sql_type_cast.t test which attempts to insert an
integer into a varchar. No databases so far have complained about
this until we ran the test against Derby. Changed to use '100'.

RT 80446 - fix spelling mistake - thanks to Xavier Guimar.