New Perl DBD::ODBC development update - important changes, please test

I have released a new development release of Perl DBD::ODBC. This contains some important bug fixes and changes so I strongly advise you to test this out.

There was a problem introduced in the test suite in 1.40_2 when run to non MS SQL Server which results in a few tests failing because done_testing is called twice (please ignore this - it is fixed in subversion trunk).

Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.40_2 September 6 2012


  • Fixed rt 78838 - bind_param does not correctly stringify blessed objects when connected to MS SQL Server
  • Fix issue in dbd_bind_ph where if you passed a sql type and were also attempting to change from in to out or vice versa or increasing the size of an output bound param it would not spot this error.


  • New test cases added for some rts.
  • Added Test::NoWarnings to some tests where it was missing.

Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.40_1 September 4 2012


  • Debian/Ubuntu have moved unixODBC into /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu so look in this dir for unixODBC as well - thanks to Meastro for finding.
  • Fixed rt 78838. I had a sequence point error which is only seen with some compilers as it is sometimes optimized out. It could cause DBD::ODBC to omit adding the UID/PWD to the end of the connection string when using DSN=. Thanks to Zsolt Cserna for spotting it and to ilmari and Leon for explaining it to me.
  • Fixed rt 79397. Output bound parameters may be incorrectly bound if changed after bind_param_inout is called. If you start with an undef bound param and change it to a defined string/number less than 28 characters before calling execute the original undef will probably be bound. Thanks to runrig on perl monks for providing an example.


  • If you attempt to bind an rv without amagic DBD::ODBC will now croak - related to rt 78838.



Everyone here at MTSI is installing the new driver. Thanks for your hard work!