Perl DBD::ODBC on the Raspberry Pi

I got my Raspberry Pi a week ago and wrote up my first impressions about the RP and whether it would work to get our children programming at Raspberry Pi - will it get our children programming? and if so why not in Perl?.

Since then I wanted to get DBI and DBD::ODBC installed and install an ODBC Driver.

As you'll see in the previous post I had a few problems getting DBI installed (probably down to the lack of memory although I could have added a swap file - I had room). The first thing to note is that installing DBI via the CPAN shell and cpanplus failed (lack of memory? - processes got killed). So, I reverted to cpanm and although the test took almost an hour it did get DBI installed.

For an ODBC driver I wanted to use an Easysoft ODBC Driver because I work for Easysoft. We built the Easysoft SQL-Server ODBC Driver and the Easysoft Oracle ODBC Driver from scratch (the advantage of this driver is it is a so called "wire protocol" driver and does not need Oracle OCI libraries). The process of compiling the drivers and all support libraries like SSL and Kerberos took almost a working day (the RP is not fast).

Then I installed a subversion client and checked out DBD::ODBC. Thereafter it was the normal process of running the Makefile.PL, a make, setting up DBI_DSN, DBI_USER, DBI_PASS and running the tests. The tests took less than 2 minutes and passed successfully.

None of this is really surprising. The RP is a computer with (in this case) Debian Wheezy installed so there is no reason why we should not be able to get this to work (its just a MIPs processor instead). It is hampered by lack of memory a bit as referred to above but we did not have to resort to cross compiling to get anything installed.

Next steps (if I get the time) is to put an Analogue to Digital convertor on it and then I can replace the Arduinos monitoring our machine room temperature attached via USB (see monitoring our machine room temperature with nagios, perl and arduino) with RPs with built in Dancer apps showing the temperature via a web server.


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