State of Perl DBD::Oracle RT queue and request for help

Yanick and I have been trying to keep on top of DBD::Oracle RTs but the time I have to do this is short. There are also some issues I don't feel in a position to investigate. There are 35 outstanding RTs which is a significant improvement on 2 years ago when it was over 50 but that is still a depressing number in my mind.

stalled: 5
patched: 1
new/open: 29

time since last post on rt:
under 6 months: 5 (and half of these simply because I marked them stalled)
6 months - 1 year: 8
1-2 years: 8
2-3 years: 3
3-4 years: 5
4-5 years: 4
over 5 years: 1

2 issues are internal errors reported by Oracle and I cannot personally report issues to Oracle and especially not ones I cannot reproduce.

If you've reported an issue which is still outstanding please take another look at it.

I often wonder how many people look at the rt list before installing a module and might be put of by that list; I always do and I would be put off by the RT queue for DBD::Oracle. As always a few issues are stalled because they have not been reproduced and the reporter does not answer (I've never really known what the best thing to do with these is).

However there are a few I feel someone else might be able to help with:

bind_param for ORA_..._TABLE use previous size of array if it is empty - problem with ORA_VARCHAR2_TABLE - test case supplied. I don't use varchar tables and I'm totally unfamiliar with the code which handles this.

panic in t/30long.t with a -DDEBUGGING perl - For me, every test fails when I build a debugging Perl

Scary warning during install against 11.2 Oracle database server - DBD::Oracle no longer builds with a full Oracle installation due to missing make files but the problem is trickier than it seems.

core dump with 38taf.t -
Bus error in this test on Solaris. I cannot reproduce and the reporter has disappeared. I would be happy to look into this if someone could reproduce it.

DBD::Oracle reports wrong data type for encrypted numeric columns

Build fails on AIX 5.3 against Oracle Client with rtld: 0712-001 Symbol OCIPing was referenced - I don't have access to AIX or an Oracle 10 and op gone quiet. UPDATE Fixed now - thanks Merijn.

Quoted table name breaks when rebinding LOBs - I didn't write the code involved here, there are no comments and I've no idea what it is supposed to do. I've already spent quite a lot of time on this one.

If you can lend a hand I'd be most grateful and will provide all the assistance I can.