RT fixes for Perl DBD::Oracle and request for people using TAF

I devoted some time to try and reduce the massive DBD::Oracle rt list today. Some issues should be fixed now (see below) but in the mean time we have a number of stalled issues and some issues more than 1 year old and some more than 3 years old!

I've not been helping maintaining DBD::Oracle for that long but I find the rt list depressing. I don't see any real prospect of clearing up the issues older than 1 year other than just closing them as often the case is I add a comment to them and the person who reported the issue is not even contactable now. What do other maintainers do in this case?

As often is the case we have another RT reporting issues in TAF (Transparent Application Failover). I don't use TAF so it is a difficult one to look at. However, I understand the issue. If you use Oracle TAF and Perl DBD::Oracle and you are prepared to try a few things out for me I'd love to hear from you.

Issues fixed today:


- Fixed RT76695 - offset passed to ora_fetch_scroll should not affect
normal fetches (Martin J. Evans)

- Fixed RT76410 - fetch after fetch absolute always returns
the same row (Martin J. Evans);

- Fixed RT75721 - does not build with Oracle 9.2 (Martin J. Evans)

- Fixed RT71343 - Oracle 9i does not have OCI_ATTR_TAF_ENABLED
or OCI_ATTR_RESERVED_15/16 so cannot build (Martin J. Evans)

- skip 24implicit_utf8.t if chr set is not UTF-8 (Martin J. Evans)


- minor change to confusing debug output for input parameters
(Martin J. Evans)

The above are comitted to subversion trunk and I have further changes for TAF not committed.


TAF issues sorted out now

With the help of the original RT poster (https://rt.cpan.org/Ticket/Display.html?id=76269) I managed to get TAF working on my Oracle box and have sorted the issues in this RT out now.