New 1.32_4 development release of Perl DBD::ODBC

I've uploaded the 4th development release of DBD::ODBC 1.32. This version improves Unicode support in metadata functions even further. My intention is to release this as a full version in the next week unless I get a load of bug reports. The changes since 1.31 are:

=head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_4 November 22 2011


* remove debugging printf which output "HERE" in some rare cases. rt 72534 - thanks John Deighan for spotting this.

* The test 70execute_array.t could fail due to warning being output if the driver does not support Multiple Active Statements.


* Use SQLGetTypeInfoW on unicode builds.

* Change column_info to support Unicode catalog/schema/table/column names.

=head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_3 November 15 2011


* Fix bug in utf16_copy which was not adding a trailing NUL but I'm not sure this affected anyone until I changed table_info this release.


* DBD::ODBC now allows unicode catalog/schema/table parameters to be passed to table_info. Of course they will only reliably work with a supporting Unicode ODBC driver.

=head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_2 October 22 2011


* Added new odbc_driver_complete attribute allowing the ODBC Driver Manager and ODBC Driver to throw dialogues for incomplete connection strings or expired passwords etc.


* added more examples


* new FAQ entries

* added note saying you cannot pass unicode schema/table/column names to metadata calls like table_info/column_info currently.

=head2 Changes in DBD::ODBC 1.32_1 June 24 2011


* I omitted rt_68720.t from the 1.31 distribution which leads to a warning as it is mentioned in the MANIFEST.


* Changed line endings in and README.unicode to be unix line endings and native eol-style in subversion.

* Minor changes to Makefile.PL to save the opensuse guys patching.

* Added and examples